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With Seniors On The Go, you can schedule services at a time that is convenient for you, eliminating the need to work around the schedule of family and friends. Companion service is not limited to medical appointments. You can travel to the mall, concerts, church, grocery store, theater, etc. Go when and where you want to go!


Specialized Services

Our team is experienced in providing services to seniors and individuals with physical and cognitive issues such as blindness, cancer, hip/knee replacements, Autism, Alzheimer’s, loss of Hearing, OCD, etc.



Your safety is our first priority. Our Companions take the time to provide a “helping hand” by aiding you in preparing for departure, entering and exiting the vehicle, entering and exiting your destination and putting away items upon return.


Watchful Eye

Because our Companions spend a lot of time with you, they are able to see changes in your physical or mental health. These observations are relayed to your caregivers.


Understanding Your Needs

We understand that everyone is not alike therefore, needs are not alike. It is important to us that our services meet your needs. Before scheduling service, we may suggest a free one-on-one consultation with you and/or caregiver. We will listen and pay strict attention to your instructions and tailor our services to meet your needs.



Continuity of the same Companion gives you and your caregiver a sense of familiarity and security. Every effort is made to assign one Companion to a client.


Courtesy Ride

Why travel alone? It is much more fun to travel with someone. Our Companions are always there for accompaniment and assistance. However, a family member, friend or caregiver is welcome to travel free of charge providing both passengers start and end at the same address.


Evening and Weekend Service

We encourage our clients to remain sociably active. Life does not stop at 6 p.m. each weekday. We understand that most family and community events occur in the evening and on weekends. To support our clients, we offer some services in the evening and on Saturday and Sunday by special request. 

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