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Thank you for your interest in Seniors On The Go. We are a family owned and operated business located in Durham, North Carolina specializing in transportation services for seniors and people of all ages with physical, visual and cognitive concerns.


As a family caregiver myself, I understand the difficulties individuals and their families experience finding professional and reliable service providers. My sister and I currently share the responsibility of caring for our father and mother. We also cared for our grandmother, stepfather and aunt before their passing. Aging and health issues limited or prevented their driving. This loss of independence was a difficult adjustment for them and us. Supporting our elders along with the responsibilities of children and the commitments of work was sometimes overwhelming. Starting our caregiving journey in our twenties and having no experience added to the stress. But through the grace of God, the loving support of our extended family and local organizations, we quickly developed the skills and identified the resources needed to support our family. Our network of family, friends and local organizations was and still is the foundation that has made it possible to care for our parents even from a distance. 


Through the years of caregiving, I soon realized that every caregiver did not have the resources my sister and I are fortunate to have. When the opportunity arose for me to venture into the world of entrepreneurship, I made the decision to start a company that would address the needs of the senior community and their caregivers. In January 2011, I launched Seniors On The Go, a safe and reliable transportation  option for the senior community.


Our clients constantly tell us how their lifes has improved because they once again have independence. My life, my family and my team have been blessed by each of them. Never could I have imagined the joy and fulfillment I receive from our clients. So often in this country, we forget the wisdom and love our seniors have to offer and the honor and respect they deserve. My team and I have the great honor of serving our elders and receiving the priceless wisdom they so willing provide.


Sharon Henderson


Seniors On The Go

"Empowering seniors with independence and caregivers with peace of mind."




Mission Statement:

To provide safe and reliable transportation, preserving independence, and preventing social isolation of the senior and disabled community. 

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