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The service is very rewarding and very helpful and meets all my needs for my travel....I most enjoy 1) the door through door services, 2) helpfulness I receive when traveling,  3) very kind and courteous to me form beginning to end  - Mrs. Loretta, Durham


The services are wonderful, comfortable and right on time service. - Mrs. Barbara, Durham


It puts me at ease because I know I am receiving help from someone who is understanding and patient.....Terrific service - Ms. Rosenthal, Hillsborough


Wonderful, comfortable, right on time serve...The best thing our your service is that you care about your clients"

- Mrs. Barbara


Excellent, honorable professionalism, caring and very thoughtful! - Ms. Miriam, Durham


Reliable, friendly drivers, reasonable prices....excellent service - Mr. Robert, Durham


Excellent service.  I have recommended to our activities dept and social worker. - Mrs. Gennie, Chapel Hill


Thank you for your support! I have recommended you to everyone I have a chance to... whether they need services or not!

—Ms. Meg, Raleigh


Thanks so much, Sharon. The service you provide is so helpful and reliable.—Ms. Virginia, Durham


My time spent with SOTGO was enjoyable and a great benefit for me in my time of need. The experience was positive and professional.—Ms. Andrea


Thank you for providing such great service for my mom.—Ms. Brooks, Durham


The services you offer are so valuable. It is a much needed service in the senior community. I do not know what I would do without Seniors On The Go. You took the time to help me where the taxi cab driver would not.—Mr. Palm, Raleigh


My client does not trust anyone but me. When she met Sharon, she immediately trusted her and felt safe to have her complete her personal errands. She has become so fond of Sharon and looks to her like the daughter she never had.—Ms. Jackie (CNA), Durham


Thank you so much. I did not have anyone to take me to the doctor and pick me up. You provide excellence service. I will definitely call you again.—Mr. John, Durham


Seniors On The Go Testimonials
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