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Professional Companion

We provide the best travel arrangements for your personal itinerary with a professional travel companion by your side. Your travel companion brings forth their extensive travel experience and knowledge to help make your journey stress free and enjoyable.

Fellow Companion

Post your trip on our app to find a fellow passenger flying to the same destination. We’ll match you with your flight companion who will assist you from the departure airport to the destination airport for a small compensation.

Experienced travelers, sign up to earn extra money and good karma on your own flights.  Support family and senior travel!

Travel companions

The intimate group tours we offer our guests strive to make sure that you have a worry-free travel experience, presented in a dignified, fun and adventurous manner. Our groups are hosted by one or more of our staff members. There is always a host with the group to assure your travel arrangements go as planned, provide a push of your wheelchair or assist you with any other minor needs you might have.


We also understand that not everyone has someone to travel with him or her or your care partner may want an opportunity to relax as well. Therefore, we can arrange for experienced travel companions who are able to assist you while traveling, provide a break to the person that cares for you or deliver additional support to your care partner.




Travel companions may assist you with daily care needs, toileting, dressing, transfers and other assistance which might be needed. A daily service charge for the travel companions are assessed based on your individual needs.

Q: Could you accompany me throughout an entire vacation?

A: Yes. We can accompany you on a single flight or an entire vacation.

Q: What happens if my flight changes?

A: Throughout the trip, our Flight Companions will handle any flight changes and we will stay with you the entire time. We will also update your designated friend or family member of any changes in flight plans. If your flight is canceled or seriously delayed, we will make arrangements to deal with those changes.

: We will take care of your luggage throughout the trip.

: How do I get to or from the airport?

A:We can pick you up at your home or meet you at the departure airport. At the arrival airport we can meet your relative or friend, or accompany you via ground transportation to your final destination.

Q: How much does this service cost?

Each itinerary is different, so the cost will be customized to your needs. Basically, the client takes care of their airfare and the companion’s airfare, plus a minimal daily companion rate.  If needed, any ground transportation and any other trip related expenses are also covered by the client.

Q: Will you take care of the travel arrangements?

A: Yes, we are happy to make the travel arrangements for you. We will research to find the best available airfares and other accommodations to meet your needs, and will provide you with a quote before finalizing the itinerary. We also welcome working with your own travel agent.

Q: Who can benefit from this service?

A: You! If you cannot accompany your child or parent, or if you need help when traveling with children or parents. Seniors, anyone with travel anxiety, people with disabilities and those who simply do not want to travel alone.

Q: How do I know that I will be in good hands?

A: TLC Personal Flight Companions love helping people! We are experienced air travelers and are fully insured. Each has passed an extensive background check. We can provide references at your request.

Who Needs a Travel Companion?

  • Seniors needing travel assistance with airport navigation, security and luggage

  • Kids 5 years and older -visiting parents, grandparents or going to camp

  • Parents who need assistance when flying with children or elder parents

  • Anyone with travel anxiety

  • Those with disabilities that make flying difficult

  • Those who simply are afraid to travel alone

Traveling can be daunting under the best circumstances but for elderly seniors, those with disabilities, or those recovering or rehabilitating from an illness or injury, it can seem particularly overwhelming or unmanageable.

Fortunately, there are a number of companies that provides traveling companion/escort services to help older adults with the rigors of travel.

Whether it’s seniors going on vacation or grandparents wanting to join their far-off families for weddings and graduations, travel companions help clients who need help moving through airports, managing luggage, navigating busy terminals and hotel lobbies and much more.

Some companion services even provide personal care like medication reminders, dressing, bathing and feeding. And for those with specific medical needs, traveling nurse services are available too.

But be aware that these services aren’t cheap. You will pay for the travel companion’s tickets, the companion’s hotel room if necessary, meals, incidentals and fees for the service. The price to accompany a client on a plane trip within the United States – including the companion fees and travel costs for all parties – can range anywhere from $1,500 to $5,000 or more for coach airfare. Business or first class would cost more.

To locate a travel companion service in your area, search online for “senior travel

To locate a travel companion service in your area, search online for “senior travel companion” or “senior travel escort,” followed by your mom’s city or state. Or use an experienced national service like Flying Companions or FirstLight Home Care, which has a national network of franchises that provides in-home care for seniors, and offers travel companion programs in about one-third of its 130 franchises.

Or, for medical travel companions do a search for “traveling nurse escort” or “medical travel companion,” or checkout Travel Care & Logistics, which provides registered nurses as escorts.

If, however, your mom doesn’t require a lot of assistance, or if you can’t afford a travel escort, consider asking a trusted family member or friend that has some air travel experience.

Questions to Ask

If you’re interested in hiring a travel companion service to help your mom, there are a number of things you need to check into to ensure you get the right escort.

First, if you mom requires personal or medical care while traveling, find out if the escort is trained to manage her healthcare needs. What sort of medical certifications do they have? (Nursing credentials? C.P.R. training? etc.)

Also, find out how many trips the companion has taken with clients. Have they completed trips with travelers like your mom? How long has the travel service company been in business? What is the company’s safety record? And what sort of insurance does it carry, and what and who does it cover?

Also, get a quote breaking down exactly what you’ll be required to pay, in addition to the companion’s fees. And, get a list of two or three clients/references who has used their service and call them.

Send your senior questions to: Savvy Senior, P.O. Box 5443, Norman, OK 73070, o

Why You Need to Travel

  • Graduations

  • Weddings

  • Funerals

  • Family Celebrations

  • Baptisms

  • New Baby

  • Visiting Family

  • Children traveling between parents

  • Holidays

  • Summer Camp

  • Rehabilitation

  • Relocation

  • Meetings

  • Vacations

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