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Step 1

Schedule grocery shopping or grocery service by calling 1-800-517-4149 or 919-521-8092.  All reservations should be made by 6pm the day before delivery.

Step 2      

Provide us your grocery list.  You have the options of faxing, emailing or calling in order. 


Step 3

A member of our team will shop for your order 


Step 4

Your Driver Companion will call 15 minutes prior arrival to let you know she/he is on her way.


Step 5

Upon arrival the Driver Companion will introduce herself and assist you in preparing for departure and drive you safely to your destination.

If requested, the Driver Companion will accompany you to assist with paperwork, navigation, shopping or just to have a friend along. 


Note:  Payment is due at the time of service.  An invoice is provided for your records.





Delivery Only



Shopping & Delivery

$20.00 + 10% of grocery bill


$5.00  per additional store


Credit cards are gladly accepted

with a 3% surcharge


* $.55 per mile after 1st 10 miles



  1. Give us your grocery list  by phone, fax, email.  

  2. We shop at your favorite stores

  3. Your groceries are delivered right to your kitchen. Your perishable groceries are put away for you. 

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